Industrial partners

Industrial partners are companies that actively participate in the product hackathons as challenge providers and expert advisors. Their main task is to provide an innovation challenge to the participants, who collaborate in teams to generate innovative solutions during hackathons. In addition, the industrial representatives give feedback to the teams and navigate their solutions in the desired direction. Through product hackathons companies have the opportunity to collect fresh design ideas from outside their enterprise and connect with their potential future employees.

In the university course project held from March til June 2022 the industrial partner was Siemens mobility from Austria. They challenged the students to develop innovative solutions about the interior of the future metro systems.

The industrial partner for the course held in 2023 was Rimac Technology from Croatia. They set a design challenge aimed at developing future designs of sidewalk vehicles.

The third course, held in 2024 is organized with the international, Italy based company Rold Srl. Together with project partners they set a design goal aiming to find supplemental functionalities of washing machine drum paddles.