University of Zagreb

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (UNIZAG-FSB) is one of the organisational units of University of Zagreb and is the direct successor of High Technical School established in 1919. Nowadays it enrols 485 students each academic year, within the study majors of Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Aeronautical Engineering and employs the teaching and research staff of around 250. The activities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture include the very broad area of both the theory and practical solutions in various fields of design, production and maintenance of mechanical, aeronautical and marine structures and systems. Scientific activities, which are the significant part of activities at FSB are performed through a large number of national science and technology projects. As a result, close cooperation is established between UNIZAG-FSB and over 70 scientific and educational entities.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb as the research and education body is hosting the Chair of Design and Product Development Department responsible for a general area of engineering systems design and development who will be leading this proposal within the UNIZAG-FSB. The primary objective of the Chair is developing creative and innovative potential of students of mechanical engineering, naval architecture, and aerospace engineering through a series of courses comprehending methodical design, development of innovative products and services and computer-aided tools to support the development process.

During the undergraduate study, the Chair is offering the courses about the most advanced methodology, tools and practical and theoretical knowledge used in the design and development of the technical systems. At the graduate level of the study, the number of specialised courses is offered with emphasis on the integration and application of the acquired knowledge through project assignments, and diploma work topics are regularly real problems from the industry. The chair is also responsible for several courses at the doctoral level. The focus of these courses is on the modelling of complex socio-technical systems, design theories and advanced methods and models for information management in the development of technical systems.

Key staff involved:

Stanko Škec – assistant professor at UNIZAG-FSB
Mario Štorga – full professor at UNIZAG-FSB
Neven Pavković – full professor at UNIZAG-FSB
Nikola Horvat – researcher and PhD candidate at UNIZAG-FSB
Jelena Šklebar – researcher and PhD candidate at UNIZAG-FSB