Conceptual design hackathon held at Rimac

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the second hackathon for the ProHackin’ project, held in collaboration with Rimac Technology at their headquarters in Zagreb on 22nd of April! The hackathon, a part of the project-based design course ProHackin’ 2023, brought together students from four European universities, showcasing their skills and groundbreaking ideas. This extraordinary event was organized by the University of Zagreb, with Rimac Technology serving as the esteemed industrial partner and host.

Hackathon at Rimac Technology

By fostering collaboration and embracing diverse perspectives, the student teams worked relentlessly over a 12-hour hackathon to tackle the conceptual phase of product development. Their ultimate challenge was to propose a minimum of three cutting-edge concepts for the future sidewalk vehicle. Throughout the hackathon, students were putting into practice the newly learnt design methods and engineering tools, and were mentored by academical coaches from participating universities.

Student teams working on design concepts

The technical experts from Rimac played an integral role as the industrial partner, offering invaluable support and guidance to the participants during the event. Their expertise and commitment were instrumental in ensuring the hackathon’s success and the overall progression of this year’s design challenge.

Congratulations to all the participants, professors, and team coaches who contributed to the resounding success of this hackathon. Your dedication and enthusiasm have been truly inspiring.

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